Spring is in the fullest of full flows now, pretty much my most favourite time of the year. Its time to be outside a lot more, so much to see as it reveals itself through the spring.

Analogue is still beating digital. Writing is becoming more and more important to me, journals are being filled at a much swifter pace this year.

Ideas for my next creative projects are coming together and I'm contemplating whether to keep doing The Midnight Flute beyond day 365. We'll see.

The longer days and sunshine make me want to play ukulele a lot more, so I've been having fun on the ol' dancing flea.

Reading is my main leisure time activity at the moment. I'm particularly enjoying independent periodicals/magazines like Elementum Journal and Positive News. Planning to read at least 52 books this year after doing the same last year. Currently I've read 26 so far this year.

Caring for my family is my number 1 priority over everything else.

Last update 5th May 2018